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Back in the saddle again…. or well maybe

After many months of preparation, VMworld 2013 is finally here. I locked myself in a room for the past few months to finalize plans for demos and solutions for VMworld. I am excited to announce that this year WFA is coming to the show in full force. With the recent launch of OnCommand WFA 2.1, […]

OnCommand Workflow Automation package for VMware vCenter Orchestrator v1.0

Finally released! I have finally finished the testing, the videos, the readme doc, the packaging… the NetApp OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) package for vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) has been posted. I have also posted a new How-To video for quick start. I also published a new solution video highlighting the WFA and vCO integration to build […]

WFA – Pirate Pack for Shared NAS for traditional Data ONTAP v2.0

Today, I released a new Pirate Pack for NetApp’s OnCommand Workflow Automation. This new installment of the Pirate Packs focuses on bringing back the first released pack – Shared NAS. The pack was completely rewritten from the ground up with WFA 2.0 and many suggestions from the field. The focus is NAS (Cifs & NFS) […]

WFA – Pirate Pack for VMware vCloud Director – v1.0

Today, I released a new Pirate Pack for NetApp’s OnCommand Workflow Automation. This latest installment of the Pirate Pack is all about VMware’s vCloud Director 5.1 and is based on my work in automating vCloud. We have included a new data source to pull information for VMware’s vCloud Director 5.1 along with new filters, finders […]

VMware’s vCloud Director and Automation

I have been working on a new set of Pirate Packs for the past few weeks and it has been crazy ride. I decided to start looking at the capabilities of managing VMware’s vCloud Director. I was chatting with a colleague of mine and he mentioned that many of his customers were looking for an […]

NetApp Podcast interview regarding Workflow Automation

Recently, I was interviewed by my good friend and colleague Nick Howell, aka Datacenter Dude.  In this interview, I discuss some of the work that I have been doing around Cloud Automation, VMware, and NetApp’s Workflow Automation.  It was a great opportunity to talk about the newly released Pirate Packs for VMware and give a […]

WFA – Pirate Pack for VMware 2.0

Today, I just released two new Pirate Packs for NetApp’s OnCommand Workflow Automation.  These new packs were designed to support VMware environments on NetApp.  One pack comes complete with four different workflows for Data ONTAP 7mode and the other contains two workflows for clustered Data ONTAP.  The 7mode version supports FCP, iSCSI, and NFS and […]

Automatic vs Manual: only worth discussing when it comes to cars

Hands down, I have much more fun when I am driving a sporty little six speed car hugging the curves and power shifting through a corner. There is nothing more exhilarating to me. I want a nice high-speed song blasting in the speakers and my clutch leg flying through the gears. Yes, when it comes to cars… Give me a manual transmission!

Thoughts from the air

NetApp just released version 2.0 of OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) and it is pretty impressive. No, before you ask, WFA isn’t voice activated but heck it is pretty close. I have been working with this product for over a year now.

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