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Building a new vCloud Director 5.1 environment – Providers and Organizations part #2

One of the interesting things that I had to deal with regarding VMware’s vCloud Director was the concept of a provider (aka pVDC or provider virtual datacenter). Initially, this was a very strange concept. When I think of a Provider, I am typically thinking cloud service provider. So, the thought of having more than one […]

WFA – Pirate Pack for VMware vCloud Director – v1.0

Today, I released a new Pirate Pack for NetApp’s OnCommand Workflow Automation. This latest installment of the Pirate Pack is all about VMware’s vCloud Director 5.1 and is based on my work in automating vCloud. We have included a new data source to pull information for VMware’s vCloud Director 5.1 along with new filters, finders […]

Building a new vCloud Director 5.1 environment – Networking part #1

I decided to take the challenge laid before me and start building automation for VMware’s vCloud Director 5.1. I have been working with VMWare ESX since the 3.0 days but never tried my hand at working with vCloud Director. I learned very quickly that this isn’t your Daddy’s virtualization. Every turn was met with a […]

VMware’s vCloud Director and Automation

I have been working on a new set of Pirate Packs for the past few weeks and it has been crazy ride. I decided to start looking at the capabilities of managing VMware’s vCloud Director. I was chatting with a colleague of mine and he mentioned that many of his customers were looking for an […]

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